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Optimize Your TechnologyManaged IT Services

Streamline your workflow with our customizable, on-demand tech services.

The Problem

Bad Technology Is Bad for Business

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Costly Downtime

When technology fails, businesses are often left dealing with costly downtime. Slowdowns, crashes, and unexpected errors can cause operations to grind to a halt, leading to lost revenue, missed opportunities, and tighter profit margins.

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Cybersecurity Risks

Technology can lead to serious cybersecurity risks if not properly configured and managed. Poorly set-up networks can leave data open to criminals, while a lack of proper protocols can lead to human errors that can result in serious security breaches.

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Unpredictable Costs

Poor technology management can lead to unforeseen and unpredictable costs. Unmaintained systems are vulnerable to failure, resulting in expensive repairs or replacements that can significantly affect your budgeting plan.

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The Solution

Pacific Cloud Cyber Can Help Your Business Thrive

Our Managed IT services take a decentralized, strategic approach to your IT infrastructure. Rather than having a full in-house team, you can take advantage of on-demand services, including helpdesk support, cybersecurity measures, endpoint security, and much more. Even with this wide variety of services, you pay one flat rate and receive expert support. Because all tasks are provided as-needed, each month’s mix of deliverables varies, but your business only pays for your monthly Managed IT subscription—making it simple to budget for your IT costs.

Minimized Downtime

Predictable Costs

On-Demand Services

Expert Support

The Benefits

What You Gain from Our Partnership

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Experience Less Downtime

We act swiftly and decisively to identify potential issues before they become a problem, fast-tracking your business back up and running.
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Overcome Any Threat

As the digital world changes, your company needs an adaptable cybersecurity team that can tackle emerging threats head-on. Pacific Cloud Cyber is here to guarantee that happens.
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Know You're in Good Hands

We take accountability seriously, maintaining transparency and education for our customers so you can make informed decisions about your business technology.

Empower Your Business to Grow and Thrive.

The Features

Our Managed IT Services Include

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Firewalls & Virus Protection

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Remote Access & VPN Configuration

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Shared Drive Configuration

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Server Maintenance & Monitoring

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Backup & Recovery

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Mobile Device Management

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Software Support

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Dive Deeper

Learn More About MSP Services

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What Is an MSP?

Outsource to the Experts

A Managed Services Provider (MSP) is an IT company that provides customizable, on-demand tech services to businesses. MSPs help businesses ensure cybersecurity, streamline their workflows, and obtain the infrastructure they require to operate—without the need to hire a full-time IT staff.
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MSP Services

Enjoy A Full Suite of Tech Services

An MSP provides the full suite of tech services, including your IT architecture and maintenance, security measures, workflow configuration, remote access, and vendor management. Each service is offered according to Service Level Agreements that shift responsibility to the MSP rather than your in-house team. By providing these services on-demand, your MSP can reduce the overall cost to you, allowing you to level up your tech infrastructure without bloating your IT budget.
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Email Security

Secure Your Weakest Link

Why It’s Important

Email is the #1 vector for malware and malicious links. As the most common form of business communication, email must be thoroughly monitored and secured to help keep your business online, safe, and compliant.

Threat Detection

Email security comprises mail shields, spam filtering, and sender verification to ensure that only 100% legitimate and safe emails make it through to your team members. Any suspicious emails are immediately contained and held in a secure place for manual review.

Automated Email Management

Cluttered inboxes lead to lower productivity and greater vulnerability to phishing attacks. Plus, there is always the slight chance of a device or server crashing, leading to data loss. By automating email backup, archiving, and migration, we can help your team get their email under control safely.

Compliance Archiving

For some organizations, all emails serve as public record and must be safely stored for a minimum period of time. Professional email archiving creates a cloud-hosted, easily searched database of email content, including all legally required information.
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Risk Management

Leave the Threats to Us

Why It’s Important

Each and every IT decision opens the door to possible data loss, breaches, and unnecessary expenses. Your MSP provides end-to-end risk management methods to help keep your intellectual property, devices, and sensitive information safe.

Advanced Cyber Protections

As your MSP, we'll coordinate a suite of cybersecurity defenses, including a 24/7 Security Operations Center for continual threat detection and immediate response, dark web monitoring, and endpoint security. We also provide guidance and training for remote device management, permissible apps, and incident response.

Continuity Planning

To ensure no gaps or downtime during data migration, transfers, or backups, we can help your business configure all the drives and automations you need to maintain complete backups with seamless restorations.

End User Management

Any team member presents an opportunity for phishing attacks to succeed or for malware to interrupt your business’s systems. By configuring role-based access, app restrictions, data encryption, and extensive cybersecurity training, Pacific Cloud Cyber can prepare your team to uphold your security protocols and minimize risk to your business.

We Are Proactive. We Are a Part of Your Team.